Building vs Buying a Billing System: Key Considerations, Pros and Cons

Building vs Buying a Billing System: Key Considerations, Pros and Cons

Build in-house or opt for a vendor? With experience in managing complex billing systems at Netflix & eBay, Mountu Jinwala shares how to make the right decision for your organization's billing system.
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Should you Build or Buy the Billing System?

Building home-grown billing systems is a good idea until a two-month sprint becomes a full-blown one involving at least 10 engineers and extending way beyond 12 months.

Most organizations start with “just-good-enough” billing systems that works well enough—up to the point your business starts to scale up.

As you acquire more customers and start integrating with more tools and databases, not to mention experimenting with flexible pricing strategies, your billing workflows only get more and more complex.

This is why we find many businesses at a crossroads where they have to decide between continuing to build an in-house billing system or switching to a vendor with an off-the-shelf solution.

We’re putting an end to this dilemma… 

In this webinar, we briefly cover

  • The need to think long-term about billing
  • Stakeholders in billing systems
  • When building in-house makes sense
  • Why moving to a good billing vendor could solve your billing worries
  • How to choose a billing vendor? [+ Evaluation tips]


Mountu Jinwala, Engineering Manager at Confluent

Built the consumption based billing system @Confluent, financial forecasting system @Netflix and real time bidding system at @eBay Ads.

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Apurv Bansal and Saurabh Agrawal, Founders at Zenskar.

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