Automate billing and revenue recognition for subscriptions and usage

Ditch clunky solutions and upgrade to flexible and automated revenue workflows without engineers. Reduce manual work and empower finance teams with no-code usability.

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Fast-growing companies choose Zenskar for smooth, flexible and reliable billing to power their growth.
Before Zenskar, our usage tracking and invoicing were manual. Zenskar automated the process, giving real-time visibility into consumption, and enabled us to invoice automatically based on usage.
Ming Lui
VP Finance
We needed indefinite contracts for our long term offering. You only realize how restrictive billing tools can be when your requirements get specific. Fortunately, we found Zenskar to tailor fit to our billing needs and more.
Cory Linton
We never imagined that our AR process could go from fully manual to completely automated with a single platform. We're saving 200+ hours every quarter by removing the grunt work with Zenskar.
Noy Kalansky
Finance Controller
Usage based billing was turning into a nightmare for us. We had to devote engineering resources to billing for months, lacking better options. But with Zenskar, we can focus on serving our customers and expanding our product capabilities.
Shalini Aggarwal
VP Engineering
If not for Zenskar, we would have build an in-house system for our usage-based model, delayed the launch by at least 4 months and we would still be force-fitting our use case on clunky old tools.
Kshitij Gupta

Watch how Zenskar automates your Financial Workflows

Billing Flexibility

Configure any pricing model you can imagine

Create any pricing model using a no-code drag-and-drop contract builder - Prepaid subscription with postpaid overages, free units, volume/tier pricing, custom currencies, discounts - and everything else!
Increase recurring revenue with subscriptions
Configure flexible subscriptions with any pricing model. Automate every step of the way to see your revenue grow effortlessly.
Measure and bill any usage metric accurately
Send usage metrics reliably with Zenskar's metering. Weave usage into contracts effortlessly for accurate and efficient usage billing.
Create any pricing model with unlimited flexibility
Want a ramp deal with tier-based discounts and entitlements? Create it within minutes using our no-code contract builder.
Usage-Based Pricing

Easily launch & iterate between any usage-based pricing model

Zenskar can pull data directly from your database or data lake. You can also send data via APIs or upload CSVs. With seamless integration of usage data, you can experiment with different pricing models and usage meters.
Accounts Receivable Automation

Improve cash flows by automating follow-ups and collections

Fully customize invoice templates, draft invoices, and emails that go along with your invoices. Segment customers for targeted follow-ups and reminders.

Empower all stakeholders with actionable insights and near real-time analytics

Zenskar provides real-time actionable reporting on key revenue metrics for monthly flash reports, quarterly board packages, and senior management.
Revenue Recognition

Simplify compliance and streamline accounting processes

Zenskar has an extremely flexible accounting rule engine that’s fully customizable. Ensure compliance with regulations like ASC 606/IFRS 15, breeze through audits, and optimize your accounting processes effortlessly.

Seamless integration with your tech stack

Access 100+ integrations across CRM, ERP, payment gateways, and more to automate billing
without disrupting your setup.
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SOC 2 and GDPR compliant: Secure your billing

We ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity for your sensitive information

Why finance teams love Zenskar

Reliable support
Get dedicated support when you need it. Zenskar works as an extension of your in-house team. We're with you every step of the way.
No learning curve
Billing is complex enough without adding a complicated tool into the mix. Zenskar is intuitive, low code and built for ease of non-tech users.
Custom features on request
We've built Zenskar to solve your billing pains. Your needs drive us. Need something specific for your business model? We're all ears.