How far ahead usage-based pricing can take your NRR?

How far ahead usage-based pricing can take your NRR?

Discover how a hybrid usage-based pricing strategy can boost your net revenue retention, drive growth, and create a more sustainable and profitable business model
June 26, 2024 3:00 PM
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Unlock the Power of Usage-Based Pricing for Enhanced NRR

In the ever-evolving world of SaaS, usage-based pricing has emerged as a powerful strategy for driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Join us for an insightful discussion with Steven Forth, founder of Ibbaka, and Saurabh, founder of Zenskar, as they explore the untapped potential of usage-based pricing and its impact on Net Revenue Retention (NRR)

What you'll learn from the webinar

  • Why usage-based pricing is gaining popularity among software and API providers, catering to a growing demand for flexible and value-aligned pricing
  • How to effectively align usage-based pricing with customer value, ensuring a win-win scenario for you and your customers
  • The hidden advantages of higher NRR rates when combining usage-based pricing with traditional subscription models
  • Best practices for seamlessly integrating a usage-based pricing component into your existing pricing strategy


Steven Forth, CEO & Cofounder at Ibbaka

Saurabh Agrawal, Cofounder and CPTO at Zenskar.

Everyone believes their billing needs are unique and it actually is.

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