What does Zenskar pilot program entail?

The primary objective of the free pilot program is to enable you to use Zenskar with your data and test your billing, accounting, and AR workflows. Only once you build comfort that Zenskar automates your custom use cases do you sign a contract and pay. However, the pilot program is optional if you have already chosen Zenskar as the billing infrastructure for your business.

ChronologyTimeframeZenskar's responsibilitiesYour responsibilities (Zenskar will be your guide)
Understand the objective and success criteria for the pilot.Day 1Document the success criteria based on your requirements.Review the criteria and provide feedback.
Determine and finalize data flows for customers, contracts, and usage data.Week 2Configure data flows:
• let Zenskar pull data from your data sources.
push data to Zenskar using Zenskar's data-ingestion APIs.
• use Zenskar connectors to connect Zenskar with your CRM/ERP/CPQ/Tax software.
Review the data flows proposed by Zenskar.
Test customer, contract, and usage data flows.Week 3• Configure customers, contracts, and usage data.
• Generate outputs, such as invoices, usage report, and accounting entries.
Test and confirm if everything is functioning as expected.

Scope of the pilot program

CustomersImport customers using the following options:
• Upload CSV
Zenskar APIs

Export customers using the following options:
Zenskar APIs
ContractsCreate and configure contracts of any complexity:
Product, sub-product, add-on, and product catalog
Pricing models
Usage meteringIngest usage-data using the following options:
Push data to Zenskar using Zenksar's data-ingestion APIs.
• Let Zenskar pull data from your data sources using the Zenskar data-source connectors.
• Upload a Zenskar-compatible CSV.

Create usage aggregates:
• Derive billing determinants by creating usage aggregates.
InvoicesGenerate, approve and reconcile invoices.
AccountingManage revenue, receivables, credit balance, deferred revenue etc.
Receivables• Communicate with your customers using email and document templates
• Create segments of customers based on country, invoice due date or any other custom criteria
• Automate Dunning process
EntitlementsAdd and monitor services or products that a customer is entitled to.
MonitoringMonitor data related to your customer's usage.
Analytics• Monitor analytics regarding invoices and outstanding amounts
• Calculate revenue at company-level or at per-customer level
• Receive usage reports
IntegrationsTest important third-party software integrations:
Avalara AvaTax
Zoho Books

Export journal entries to your ERP:
Use Zenskar's accounting system to generate double-entry journal entries
Use ERP's accounting system
Webhook alertsSet up and configure webhook alerts.
Customer-facing billing portalProvide your customers complete information about their accounts.



The pilot program will involve end-to-end testing of a couple of different types of contracts to get a sense of how well Zenskar interacts with your internal systems.