Understanding Zenskar

Zenskar is an end-to-end billing and revenue recognition system for subscription- and usage-based business models.

Zenskar modules

The following Zenskar modules help you manage your billing and revenue recognition needs.

😎 CustomersManage your customers.
🤝 ContractsManage contracts you signed with your customers.
⏲ MeteringMeasure customer activity or consumption of resources to collect the metrics needed to generate an invoice.
🧾 InvoicesManage invoices.
💳 PaymentsCollect payments using Zenskar's integrations with payment gateways like Stripe.
⚖️ Revenue recognitionBe ASC 606- and IFRS 15-compliant.

🦮 Getting started guides

🧾 Generating an invoice: from start to finish

⚙️ How-to guides

✉️ Manage sendersUsers in your organization who are authorized to send emails and notifications to your customers.
✉️ Create email templates