Data ingestion

Data ingestion is the process of moving or replicating data from data sources to destination. Zenskar can ingest your data in the following ways:

  1. Data Sources:
  2. Raw Metrics:
Data-ingestion methodDetails
Data ingestion via data-source connectorsZenskar can pull data from your data infrastructure using data-source-specific connectors. Zenskar connects with your data sources, such as databases, data warehouses, comma-separated-value files, and spreadsheets. Subsequently, we move or replicate (pull) the data on our data infrastructure (destination) for further processing.
Data ingestion via APIsYou can push data to Zenskar by creating raw-metric APIs in Zenskar and integrating these APIs in your application workflow. Further, Zenskar exposes APIs to view or manipulate other kinds of data, such as customers, contracts, and invoices. You can use these APIs to push data from your application to Zenskar.
Upload Zenskar-compatible CSVZenskar allows you to upload a Zenskar-compatible CSV.
Web formZenskar provides you a web form to enter raw metrics manually.



Zenskar stores all ingested data in the form of RDBMS tables. This is true irrespective of the ingestion method: push or pull.

Tables are database objects that contain all the data in a database. In tables, data is logically organized in a row-and-column format similar to a spreadsheet.