How can CFOs stop cash leaks and drive growth?

How can CFOs stop cash leaks and drive growth?

Learn how CFOs can optimize cash flow and drive growth in today's challenging economic climate. Steve Rosvold shares his playbook for turning cash flow optimization into a competitive advantage
July 23, 2024 12:00 PM
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How can CFOs effectively manage cash flow while driving growth in today's economic environment?

In this webinar, we're joined by Steve Rosvold, Founder of CFO.University, to discuss critical strategies for optimizing cash flow and fueling business growth.

With 58% of CFOs ranking cost optimization as a top concern and 63% relying on internal cash flow due to economic uncertainty, it's crucial to address cash management challenges.

But how can CFOs ensure they're making the most of their available cash while positioning their companies for growth?

From avoiding common pitfalls to implementing advanced working capital strategies, Steve will share real-world examples and experience-backed insights to help CFOs optimize cash flow and drive sustainable business growth.

What you'll learn from the webinar

  • Identifying and avoiding common cash flow pitfalls
  • Mastering cash forecasting and liquidity planning
  • Powerful tools and techniques for effective cash flow management
  • Strategies for accelerating cash collection cycles
  • Balancing profitability with strong cash flow


Steve Rosvold, Founder at CFO.University

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